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Morning Briefing
Morning Briefing The Morning Briefing provides important background information on the TLC Scenario which will be key in understanding the activities of the afternoon two hour simulation. The Morning Briefing will be a live event for Atlanta attendees and available via video conference to remote paid attendees. The Morning Briefing will occur from 9 am to 12 noon ET. Read more ...
The Simulation
Cybersecurity Simulation Everyday the bad guys win. The TLC Cybersecurity Simulation prepares you and your business for the inevitable by allowing no risk rehearsal and discussion prior to an actual event. There is no way that a simulation can exactly mimic a real event but perfect practice makes perfect real life responses, reduces recovery time and saves money. There is something to be learned for all types of businesses. The Cybersecurity Simulation occurs from 1 pm to 3 pm ET. Read more ...
Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned The two hour simulation is a fast-paced, live, two hour event chock full of lessions, insights and "a-ha" moments. Share your observations and hear those of other attendees and on-stage role players during the debrief, also known as the Lessons Learned. Lessons Learned is conducted from 3 pm to 4 pm ET. Read more ...
Recovery Reception
Recovery Reception After the Cybersecurity Simulation the Recovery Reception allows on-stage role players and observers the chance to unwind and discuss the issues raised during the day's activities as well as a chance to network and talk about how the lessons learned apply specifically to their own organizations. The Recovery Reception begins at 4 pm ET. Read more ...
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Dozens of cybersecurity simulations - also known as exercises, table tops and drills - are executed globally each day. You probably aren't invited because you don't posses the proper security clearances or official need to know. The 2014 Cybersecurity Simulation is a cybersecurity knowledge sharing event open to everyone.
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The TLC Simulation is the world's second open cybersecurity and business continuity simulation: a role play event where C-Level executives, senior management and a wide variety of practitioners on stage react to a series of devastating and potentially business-impacting cyber attacks. And, unlike an actual cybersecurity, you can watch ... and learn.What does the TLC Scenario hold in store? What will we learn? What will happen? We don't know yet but we do know that the TLC Scenario event will follow the same general format as 2013's highly successful GNN Scenario. You can read the details leading up to the GNN attacks, a description of the simulation and the 2013 GNN After Action Report.
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DHS Logo The 2014 Cybersecurity Simulation is conducted following the guidelines of the DHS Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program. The DHS HSEEP structure is followed in the construction of the simulation, DHS HSEEP observers watch and judge the Simulation and prepare the After Action Report following the Simulation which provides lessons learned, including recommend- ations for improvement of subsequent Simuations.
For the 2013 GNN After Action Report click here.
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Georgia Army National Guard The TLC Cybersecurity Simulation is a full day event hosted by
the Georgia National Guard at their Joint Force Headquarters at
Clay National Guard Center on Dobbins Air Reserve Base in
Marietta and via digital video streaming any where you can get an
Internet connection on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014.
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Scenario Background
Scenario Background Document Just prior to the Simulation the Scenario Background Document is made available to all attendees. This document contains all of the detail on the events leading up to the moment that the Scenario begins, including information on the attackers and their motives as well as the actions of The Logistics Company. For the 2013 GNN Background Document click here.
After Action Report
After Action Report Within weeks of the Cybersecurity Simulation the official "lessons learned" document, the Department of Homeland Security After Action Report, is released and is available to all participants. The details of the simulation are entered in the DHS Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation (HSEEP) database which allows other organizations to replicate the entire exercise or portions of it. For the 2013 GNN After Action Report click here.
Video Streaming
The 2014 Cybersecurity Simulation is available viadigital video streaming. Contact jim@cyberexercises.com if you are interested.
Interact / Contribute
Audience members are able to interact with the on-stage role players, to ask questions and make suggestions via Tweets, text messages and emails. Because this is a live, interactive knowledge and skills transfer event we want to share as many views and experiences as possible.
Your Role
There are many roles which need to be played in order to have a successful cybersecurity simulation. Each on-stage role player plays the same position in their real-life job. That is a large part of the success of the cybersecurity simulation: it is as close to reality as one can get without actually being real. What is your role?
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Collaboration Blog
The Collaboration Blog is a password protected work area in which the complete, detailed, scripted scenario is developed. The scenario is scripted up to the minute that the on-stage role play begins to assure a factual basis for the Simulation. To request credentials for access to the Collaboration Blog please contact the Moderator

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